Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sam Won’t Come to Dublin

Sam won’t come to Dublin,
He’s acting awful shy,
Though Hill 16 is bubblin’
And expectation’s high.

They’ve sent the invitation,
Respondez s’il vous plaît,
Arranged the celebration
For that historic day.

The semi-final beating
Of Wexford’s gallant men
Has seen the Dubs repeating
The same mistake agen.

They’re sure that come September,
When autumn leaves are down,
Old Sam will then remember
The way to Dublin town.

But two quite tiny swallows
Do not a summer make,
And heartbreak often follows,
With anguish in it’s wake.

For Sam won’t come to Dublin,
That’s something of a joke.
He really can’t be troublin’
To come up to the Smoke.

He sends a ‘Maybe’ answer,
Which makes them all go wild,
But, sure, he’s just a chancer
Tormenting this poor child.

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