Sunday, August 12, 2007

Running to Standstill

With U2 above in Croker,
It was something of a choker,
To miss them would be something of a blow.
But Cork v Tipp’s unmissable,
With absence unpermissable,
So everybody knew just Vertigo.

It wasn’t Sunday Bloody Sunday
But a Munster Final fun day,
A Fire that is always Unforgettable.
And that aforementioned fire
Can be fuelled by plain Desire,
And missing out is instantly regrettable.

In the first half Tipp were Bad,
Spurned the chances that they had,
Their claims to greatness sounded rather hollow.
For the Cork side showed that they
Could once more go all the way,
And their joyous fans all shouted, “I Will Follow.”

It was wished by one and all
To be a Fly Upon the Wall.
At half-time were Cork happier than Larry?
And did they deem it funny,
Think it sweet as Wild Honey,
And think the Edge they had would surely carry?

But this Tipperary side
Showed an awful lot of Pride,
Paul and Eoin Kelly were inspired.
And the sliothar whizzed around
Back and forth across the ground,
Like a Bullet from the Blue Sky it was fired.

But ‘twas Cork went on to reign,
Munster winners once again,
Their fans ecstatic at this Elevation.
As the Seconds ticked away,
On Cork’s most Beautiful Day,
The Sweetest Thing lay in the celebration.

But Tipperary are not gone –
Through the back door, they’ll Walk On,
Though they’ve Still Not Found What They Are Looking For.
Stuck in a Moment, so it seems,
As befalls the best of teams,
But Boy, they lost the battle, not the War.

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