Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Armagh Donegal Replay

They were boxing and tipping
And striking and rucking,
And hitting and tripping,
And gouging and pucking,
And yanking and brawling,
And weaving and ducking,
Battering, mauling,
And beating good-looking.
They were tapping and butting,
And seizing and punching,
And knocking and nutting,
And thumping and crunching,
And charging and chopping
And earnest refuting,
And digging and bopping,
And belting and booting,
Walloping, checking,
And striking and smacking,
And dobbing and decking
And whipping and whacking.
They were wrestling and wriggling
In obstinate fashion,
And nudging and niggling
And tackling with passion
And mouthing and moaning,
And much remonstrating,
And growling and groaning
And recriminating.
And braining and smiting,
And walloping, thrashing,
And pounding and fighting,
And bashing and smashing,
And vexing and tugging,
And pulling and dragging,
And rapping and mugging,
And constant hand-bagging.

It was, fundamentally,
A great time for all
When Armagh, incidentally,
Beat Donegal.

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